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2020 Update: Coach Blaha has outlined his 2020 goals

“All the top fitness YouTubers have been asking me to let them know what I have planned for 2020. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that I will be breaking multiple world records this year. As I have pointed out before, heavy lifts only really count if you have calibrated chains wrapped around the barbell. I will be performing some of the most incredible feats of strength the world has ever seen right from the privacy of my muscle dungeon, and I will do it all while wearing lady’s running shorts.” – Jason D. Blaha January 2020

2020 Update # 2: Coach Blaha discusses the Corona Virus

“I’ve been preparing for this pandemic for years. I haven’t left the one room apartment I rent for three years, because I knew this day would come. I predicted the Covid 19 virus years ago on the David Icke forums under the name “darketernal” and the Elite Fitness forums under the name “BodyByFinaplix”. I do want to say that all those posts under those usernames where I’m talking about being a reptilian alien and sending people pictures of my genitals were made by someone else. Now if you want to survive this pandemic, you are going to need to shave your legs and wear women’s shorts like I do. You can’t leave the house for any reason, and whatever you do, don’t brush your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth give you a natural immunity to viruses.” – Jason Blaha March 2020

Coach Jason Blaha Insulting His Ex-Wife

Jason Blaha posing in his Walmart mercenary costume
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“The only way to get big and strong is to eat steak every day. I prefer to slaughter the cows myself with my AR-15 then butcher them personally. If you aren’t eating steak with every meal, you’ll never make GAINZ!!!” – Coach Jason Blaha

Coach Blaha’s Meal Plan

“Lifters only get hurt when they don’t know what they are doing. Experts like me don’t need to do warm up sets.” – Jason Blaha
Coach Blaha demonstrating his MAX GAINZ bench press technique

Interested in Jason’s Coaching Services? Watch the following video.

The number one weight lifting coach on YouTube! He’s got NFL players, Olympic weight lifters, power lifters, fitness models and professional bodybuilders begging him to give them training advice all the time. Just watch this video to see what a professional he is and what you can expect if you become his client. (The vital information begins at 3:45)

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Jason Blaha was completely deaf. Until he wasn’t.

Jason Blaha admitting that he manufactured and sold steroids

Fake Natty Jason Blaha Edition

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What happened to Jason’s dog Nova?

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Coach discussing how diet and exercise go hand in hand. They say Coach Blaha has stroke mouth due to non-existent oral hygene, but dentists tell him he has some of the best teeth they have ever seen.

Along with honors jazz, Coach Blaha also participated in honors ballroom dancing. Here he demonstrates one of his most famous dance moves.

Coach Blaha really excited about filling everyone at Mooncookie’s aunt’s house in on the all the details of gay for pay within the bodybuilding community.
Jason’s haters say this is a mugshot, but it is actually the picture from his CIA ID card.
Inner City
The now famous video where Jason responds to his critics by mocking people from the inner city. The whereabouts of the dog in the video is unknown. – Click Here to watch the full video
Olympic Weight Lifting Expert
Jason demonstrating perfect Orc Mode Olympic weight lifting form in his fully equipped gym / bedroom / muscle worship dungeon / dog slaughterhouse. This is why he is the most sought after strength coach on YouTube.
Coach Blaha showing off his athleticism in a pair of Mooncookie’s shorts.