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Jason “The Viking” BLaha

Interested in Jason’s Coaching Services? Watch the following video.

The number one weight lifting coach on YouTube! He’s got NFL players, Olympic weight lifters, power lifters, fitness models and professional bodybuilders begging him to give them training advice all the time. Just watch this video to see what a professional he is and what you can expect if you become his client. (The vital information begins at 3:45)

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Jason Blaha admitting that he manufactured and sold steroids

Jason Blaha ASMR Cardio Gamer

VKVDM – A YouTube tribute channel

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What happened to Jason’s dog Nova?

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Coach discussing how diet and exercise go hand in hand.

Not only is coach an accomplished honors jazz musician, but he’s also one of YouTube’s top dancers. Here he is demonstrating a dance he developed himself. He calls it the “mercenary shuffle”.

Jason discussing advanced muscle building secrets
Always the life of the party
Jason’s haters say this is a mugshot, but it is actually the picture from his CIA ID card.
Inner City
The now famous video where Jason responds to his critics by mocking people from the inner city. The whereabouts of the dog in the video is unknown. – Click Here to watch the full video
Training at Big Mike's farm
This is an example of the sort of horrible thing the haters get up to. This one was titled “Jason Blaha at Big Mike’s farm at Langley.” We aren’t going to stand by and let coach’s good name be dragged through the pig excrement!
Olympic Weight Lifting Expert
Jason demonstrating perfect Orc Mode Olympic weight lifting form in his fully equipped gym / bedroom / muscle worship dungeon / dog slaughterhouse. This is why he is the most sought after strength coach on YouTube.
Jason doing his famous fish out of water impersonation.